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vintage eyewear

Specs has a large selection of vintage eyewear, primarily from the '50s to the '80s. All frames are new old stock, meaning they have never been worn. 

They range from simple cat eyes to super retro geeky US government issued frames. We've put new polarized lenses in some and can put your prescription in them, too.

Most are one of a kind and our selection changes all of the time. We encourage you to try them on, if only for a giggle.
By the way, check out our Etsy shop (SpecsOptical) to get a look at a selection of our current inventory.

Specs also has a huge selection of never worn vintage sunglasses frames, and we've added brand new polarized lenses to them all!


And if you love vintage sunnies, we have a table full of vintage sunglasses from the '70s and '80s (with new polarized lenses, of course) for only 50 bucks!

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