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Help Us Learn About Eye Care in Nursing Homes

People in facilities (nursing homes, rehab, long-term care, etc.)need eye care, too. Some patients are able to visit their regular eye doctors, but some people seem to receive care in their facilities. 


We are working on a study of how care is delivered to assisted living facility residents. 

Do you have a relative in assisted living in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area who has traditional Medicare Part B health insurance (note:  those with a Medicare Advantage plan are not eligible for this study)? Are they willing to share their Medicare Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) showing any eye care they have received in the past 6 years?

We will compensate any patient who is able to provide a copy of any Medicare EOBs showing one or more eye exams conducted in their facility. Additional compensation may be available to patients who meet our initial criteria and are willing to provide additional information such as patient records. 

Questions? Please send an email to or give Susan a call at 615-329-3959. If we miss you, please leave a message indicating the best time to get back to you.

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