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Our four-legged staff

Frederick Black Labrador (2001-2014) Director of Personnel

Fred had been with us since Specs’ inception, having wandered in looking for a place he could help. He was always attentive to the needs of our employees, always willing to lend an ear or his support when we needed a lift. He worked up until his final day and we miss him very much.

Rock Star (Rocky) - Director of Marketing (2008-2019)

Rocky joined us in late 2008 from the Nashville Humane Association. He was unfailingly attentive to all customers and tried his best to make everyone feel welcome. He was active until the very end, even walking a mile the day before we lost him. 

LuLu - Director of Security (2009-2024)

LuLu joined us in 2009 with a great deal of enforcement experience from her time on the streets. She may seem a little rough at first, but she warms up quickly and keeps us safe. And those ears give her special powers. She always took her position seriously. 

stewart pic.jpg
Stewart - Position TBD (2019-present)

Stewart was adopted from the Dickson Humane Society where he was incorrectly identified as a Whippet mix. He is still working on how to sparkle at Specs, but has a very sensitive nose (definitely a scent hound) and excels at alerting us whenever any person or animal walks by. We are optimistic that he will find his calling. 

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