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At Specs, we want you to look good in your glasses, but we really want you to see well.  We're proud to be lens geeks and are always trying to learn about new lenses. We are always trying new lenses so we know how they perform. We only recommend lenses we would be willing to wear.


Progressive Lenses

Our go-to Progressive Lenses are the Shamir In-Touch because of their great ability to help you see well at all distances. Now that we spend so much time using computers and smart phones, old style progressives don't provide the same vision when using technology.

Specialty Lenses


We also are big fans of occupational lenses, i.e., lenses that you need while engaging in your occupation -- or avocation. We've made special glasses for pilots and plumbers, musicians, and people who spend a lot of time at the computer. And, dear to Susan's heart, we enjoy working with people who sew to help them see their best. In fact, Susan (who has been sewing since she was 10) wrote an article for the November, 2020 issue of Threads magazine called, "See Better, Sew Better."

If you find yourself having trouble with close work whether at your computer, on your phone, or sewing, there are several workspace lenses which do a great job of expanding the sweet spot for your reading. Some are optimized for a cubicle distance (about 5 feet) and others extend your focal point to about 10 feet. You don't have to struggle to see well!

Anti-Reflective Treatments


As for Anti-Reflective Coatings (aka Anti-Glare), we offer only Crizal anti-reflective lenses. We tried to find less costly alternatives. But we couldn't find any that offered the same quality. We'll keep looking, but we won't compromise with your vision.





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