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Specs got started in 2003. We're an optical shop now located in the Five Points section of East Nashville and we're all about doing things the right way. We're family owned and operated. We're not a chain. 


We sell high quality ophthalmic eyeglass frames, prescription lenses and sunglasses with or without prescription lenses. We have an on-site lab which we me can control the quality of lenses and, in most cases, get your single vision lenses cut and installed in your frame in a day. We can replace the lenses in most sunglasses with new polarized ones while you wait.


We don't pay commissions to our people because we want you to find the perfect frames and lenses, not  ones that will ensure a bigger commission for our employee.


We're pretty picky about what we sell. Quality frames and lenses. And, if the frame manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty (as Lindberg does), we pass that on to you. Not all optical shops do that. But we know it's the right thing to do. So we do it. 


We only offer Crizal anti-reflective lenses. We tried to find less costly alternatives. But we couldn't find any that offered the same quality.


We are always trying new lenses so we know how they perform. We can get almost any lenses you want, but we hope you will rely on our recommendations based on our educated opinions. Right now our favorites are Varilux and Shamir. But it all depends on what you need.


We like to learn new things. Optical stuff, of course, but also how to make great furniture out of reclaimed wood. That beautiful table pictured here was made by Kip out of ambrosia maple from our neighbor, Dave Puncochar, at Good Wood Nashville.

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