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Custom Eyewear

Since we closed our retail store, the core of our business is custom frames made in Germany. We work with you to design the perfect frame for you. The frames take about a month to be constructed but every element is designed just for you and made to your specifications:


You choose the following:

  •   size (eye and bridge) 

  •   shape

  •   color (hundreds to choose from)


wissing square 2.jpg

Here's a cute little round frame with its color sample tile. 


Silk Frames


Our custom silk frames are so special. They're  made from a piece of silk pressed between two layers of acetate, which means that each frame is completely unique...not to mention stunningly beautiful. It's like wearing a piece of art!


Have a piece from a favorite scarf or item of clothing? You can send your own silk to create a frame that is totally yours.  Ask how we can create a special memory. 

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